Why limited edition prints are a great investment
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If you're an art lover, then you know that finding the perfect piece can be a challenge. You want something that speaks to you, but you also want something that will appreciate in value over time. And if you are starting as an art collector, you might also have to work with a limited budget. 

That's where limited edition prints come in.

What are limited edition prints, and what is their purpose?

Limited edition prints are artists' copies of an original work that are individually numbered and have a predetermined quantity that will be created. Once the predetermined quantity is reached, no further prints will be made. The purpose of creating these prints is to make art more accessible to people and increase the value of the piece over time.

How can you tell if a print is a limited edition print or not, and where to find them for sale?

There are a few ways to tell if a print is a limited edition print:

    1. Look for a signature from the artist. Usually, limited edition prints will be signed by the artist to increase their value.
    2. Look for a numbering system on the print itself. This number should be relatively low, typically below 100. It should show the edition number, as well as the total quantity - e.g. 4/100
    3. Check for a certificate of authenticity showing the artist signature & edition number.

There are a few places where you can find limited edition prints for sale. One option is to look online at sites like Saatchi Art. Another option is to visit a local art gallery or reputable art fair and speak directly to the gallery owner or artist. 

The benefits of owning a limited edition print over other types of prints

There are several benefits of owning a limited edition print over other types of prints. One advantage is that they are typically signed by the artist, increasing their value over time. Also - since there are a limited number of these prints available, they tend to appreciate in value over time as the remainder of the edition becomes smaller and more exclusive.

Some tips on how to care for your limited edition prints

To care for your limited edition print, it is important to frame it correctly and avoid hanging it in direct sunlight. It is also good to keep the print away from moisture and heat. With proper care, your limited edition print can last for many years.

Limited edition prints are a great way to get your hands on high-quality artwork without spending an arm and a leg. These affordable art pieces allow you to start your own art collection on a limited budget and enjoy them long after purchasing with proper care!

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