Integrating "Scattered Senses"

We all contain dualities inside ourselves, even though we don’t always want to admit it. Light can’t exist without shadow. Plants need both rain and sun to survive. Recognizing and making peace with the dualism inside ourselves is a crucial step toward holistic well-being. Integrating these scattered, divergent elements is one of the first steps toward inner peace.

“Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.)” - Walt Whitman

It all starts with inner reflection and self-awareness. You will need to find a tool for self-reflection - my go-to method of inquiry is journaling. If you don’t like writing, recording yourself while outside on a walk can work just as well. As you reflect and process you will inevitably come across confronting areas. I challenge you to meet them with acceptance and kindness instead of judgment. Having contradictory traits is a normal part of being human, and a full life is a life where you can hold the contradictions in your hands without judgment. Not all dualities can be fully integrated or resolved, but they can co-exist.

I have explored a lot of these inner dualities through my illustrations. I use absolutes (black and white dots) to create soft shadows and transitions. Only when you look at it from a distance and see how the two absolutes interact can you see the full, balanced picture. Using symbols and metaphors in my creative work further explores these dualities within myself. Allowing seemingly unrelated elements to co-exist helps to reduce the internal strife and anxiety that comes from conflicting ideas or emotions. It has also allowed me to be more creative and flexible in my way of thinking because I have learned to see multiple perspectives and possibilities.

“Among shadow and sun, light and dark dancing around the contrasts within me” - Karien Bredenkamp

Embracing all aspects of yourself, including the contradictory ones, allows you to live authentically and express your true self without fear or shame. The inner harmony of leading an integrated life will enhance your personal life and positively impact your relationships and work.

What do you see?

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