“A Pollinated Path” : Original Artwork by Karien Bredenkamp
“A Pollinated Path” : Mat Boards that Original and Limited Edition Prints get shipped in

"A Pollinated Path"

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About The Artwork:

Introducing "A Pollinated Path" - a black and white illustration capturing nature's essence and progress. Featuring the symbols of a bee and either an abacus or a harp, this piece evokes ideas of motion, purpose, and growth

The bee has long been a beloved symbol of nature and progress. As an ancient symbol of industry and purpose, the bee perfectly represents how we can use our skills and talents to create something beautiful that will benefit others. It can produce honey, providing necessary sustenance for many creatures while pollinating flowers and helping sustain life on Earth. The bee also conveys ideas of hard work and dedication; it tirelessly works to bring its loved ones what they need, going the extra mile with no thought of reward.

A harp symbolizes beauty, grace, and harmony that can bring peace to those who listen. The abacus represents mathematical knowledge and understanding, providing insight through organization and structure. Both symbols evoke ideas of creativity, wisdom, and balance - qualities that have helped us throughout history and continue to inspire us today.

Combining these symbols can be seen as a representation of creativity in action. Having both imagination and strong analytical skills is essential to achieve success. 

"Life is not what you alone make it. Life is the input of everyone who touched your life and every experience that entered it. We are all part of one another." — Yuri Kochiyama

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