“Endangered Speaking” : Original Artwork by Karien Bredenkamp
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"Endangered Speaking"

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About The Artwork: 

"Endangered Speaking" is a new black-and-white illustration that depicts the delicate nature of our environment. It features a stylized rendition of a frog surrounded by circles and wheat stalks.

The frog has long been a symbol of fertility, renewal, and transformation in many cultures. It is often seen as a sign of good luck, fortune, and prosperity. In some cultures, frogs are thought to be the harbingers of rain and abundance. They have also been associated with healing power and the cycle of life.

Wheat stalks are symbols of nourishment and fertility. In many cultures, wheat is seen as a symbol of abundance and prosperity due to its versatility and ability to be harvested for sustenance. It has been an essential part of human history for thousands of years, playing a vital role in the development of civilizations.

Circles have long been used as symbols in many cultures around the world. They have been associated with the sun, the moon, and cyclical time, often representing eternity or a never-ending cycle. Circles are also seen as symbols of unity, wholeness, and completion. In many religions, circles are thought to represent divinity and the divine.

"We express our art in everything we say, everything we feel, and everything we do. The creation is ongoing, it is endless, it is happening in every moment." — Miguel Angel Ruiz

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