"Seen" Exhibition Statement
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I invite you to read this Exhibition Statement for my latest show at Aksarben Creative on 2nd April (Benson First Friday). The opposite of being seen is to be disregarded. Ignored. Missed. Neglected and overlooked. Passed by and forgotten. In our superficial culture, it is sometimes easier to adapt and blend in than to stand out.

We are afraid to do this because it means attracting attention. It means opening ourselves up to rejection or criticism.We are not designed to live this way. We are unique. Each of us has a specific persona, skillset, values, and genetic make-up. We were not born to conform. We were born to be ourselves.

The world we live in will thrive if everyone showed their true selves. Taking out comparison and competition will open up a world of harmony & possibilities. I invite you to experiment with my illustrations. Question their meaning and stay curious.

I invite you to be honest and take note of what comes up while looking at the art. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can it mean something unique to me?
  • Can I momentarily put rational thought aside and experience it with my heart and soul?
  • Why does it make me feel this way?
  • Can I look at it and feel understood?
  • Can I look at it and discover something hidden inside myself?

I hope you feel seen. I hope you feel understood. I hope the art brings you into the present moment, where you can observe and appreciate your deepest, authentic self. I hope that you are open to discovering new possibilities inside yourself and the potential you have. You are unique, seen, loved, and celebrated.

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