"Seen" Exhibition Debriefing

I exhibited at Aksarben Creative during April's First Friday in Benson and thought it might be a good idea to do a debriefing after every show.

Quick Description:

This was my very first show, so it was an exciting night for me! I had 21 original illustrations on display, split into 3 rows of 7. When you view it for the first time, the relatively close positioning of the artwork as well as the monochrome color scheme makes it act like one cohesive piece. The surprise comes in when you step closer to the artwork, where each piece reveals a uniquely intricate, hidden world. Apart from the main 21 pieces on display, there was a selfie wall, as well as merchandise for sale.

What Worked:

The smaller space created an intimate viewing experience, and I was able to interact with most visitors. I ran a competition that invited the viewer to pick their favorite piece as well as their interpretation of it. This sparked great conversations and I loved hearing all the unique perspectives of the visitors. It is something that I will keep at future shows.

What Didn't Work:

The selfie wall was not as popular as I initially thought it would be. On the bright side, people still enjoyed viewing the unique pieces on display as a backdrop. I also lacked variety in the number of stickers & pin buttons I had for sale and will work on acquiring a larger collection for future shows.

What’s Next:

I realize that competitions at shows need to be limited to only one. After testing the two ideas at the previous show, I realize the most popular competition to run is the interpretation competition. I’ll be exhibiting 15 unique pieces at Blackstone District’s first-ever Second Saturday Art Walk, and I’ll be located at the Red Lion Lounge. Hope to see you there!

"Seen" photography by BFF's @katera_eatsart 

Wall of illustrations by Karien Bredenkamp for "Seen" exhibition
Selfie wall of illustrations by Karien Bredenkamp for "Seen" exhibition

What do you see?

I am a collector of interpretations - if you have a unique explanation of what any of my illustrations mean to you, please submit it here:

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