"The Mane Attraction" Exhibition
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Quick Description:

I recently completed "The Mane Attraction" exhibition at the Red Lion Lounge in Blackstone, and absolutely love the vibe at this bar! There was a 20-foot wall to work with, and I chose to display 15 pieces, alternating portrait & landscape formats. I also created a custom illustration to commemorate the event, called “The Mane Attraction”.

What Worked:

The wall is located in a great space inside the Red Lion Lounge. Firstly, it is directly behind the bar and centered in the space so you have to pass it on the way to the back section. Secondly, the dim lighting around the bar ensured that the directional light on the art made it stand out. For this exhibit, I added notecards below each artwork, with the title & the unique quote I associate with each piece. These quotes worked very well. I realize that some viewers enjoy seeing what concepts I associate with the artwork. I am usually hesitant to add these because I don’t want to lead the viewer in any direction of interpretation.

What Didn't Work:

We worked with a very tight deadline and had only one day to set up the art hanging system as well as all the artwork. I would not recommend waiting until the day of the show to hang your artwork! Luckily everything worked out just in time.

What’s Next:

Three of my illustrations were chosen to be shown at the Citylight Arts Project 2021 Art Exhibition & Benefit.

  • The opening reception is on May 7, 2021, 6 -10 pm.
  • Exhibition on View: May 8–May 21, 2021 (by appointment only)
  • Location: 5603 NW Radial Hwy, Omaha, NE 68104

The Citylight Arts Project is a non-profit gallery and collaborative studio space facilitating vital educational and exhibition programs that support the development and support of artists and community engagement with Art. The Citylight Arts Project gallery has a significant reputation in the art collecting community and is seen by gallerists, artists, established patrons, and young collectors. Its overall scope is diverse, representing a wide range of subject matters, styles, and media.

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What do you see?

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