“I Created A Moo-Ster” : Original Artwork by Karien Bredenkamp
“I Created A Moo-Ster” : Mat Boards that Original and Limited Edition Prints get shipped in

"I Created A Moo-Ster"

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About The Artwork: 

"I Created A Moo-Ster," is a surreal black-and-white illustration featuring a cow that has morphed into a rooster; this artwork will surely spark conversations and leave lasting impressions.

The cow is a symbol that carries a rich and diverse range of meanings across different cultures and spiritual traditions. In Hinduism, for example, the cow is considered sacred and represents fertility, motherly love, and abundance. It is also associated with the goddesses of nourishment and prosperity and is sometimes referred to as the "mother of all creatures." In other contexts, the cow can symbolize gentleness, docility, calmness, hard work, and perseverance. In some traditions, the cow is also associated with the earth and the natural cycles of life and death, as it provides nourishment and sustenance for human and animal life.
Overall, the cow is a symbol that evokes a sense of comfort, abundance, and connection to nature. 

In some traditions, the rooster is associated with the sun and represents the dawn, awakening, and renewal. It's crowing at daybreak can symbolize the triumph of light over darkness and the beginning of a new day. In other contexts, the rooster can represent courage, bravery, and vigilance, as it is often depicted as a protector and defender of the flock. The rooster's association with the color red can also signify passion, vitality, and energy, and in some cultures, the rooster is seen as a symbol of good luck and fortune. Additionally, in some religious traditions, the rooster can symbolize the resurrection and the victory of life over death. Overall, the rooster is a symbol that evokes a sense of vitality, courage, and protection, and its significance can vary depending on the cultural and spiritual context in which it is used.

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