“Internal Conflict” : Original Artwork by Karien Bredenkamp
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"Internal Conflict"

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About The Artwork:

"Internal Conflict" is an eye-catching surreal black-and-white illustration that captures the duality of our inner struggle. The image depicts two swan heads in an S shape, held apart by hands as if they are struggling to stay together against all odds. This powerful piece speaks volumes about our internal battles daily and reminds us that we can overcome them with strength and courage.

The swan is a powerful symbol representing grace, purity, beauty, and transformation. It can mean the transcendence of the mundane and the emergence of the divine as the swan glides across the water effortlessly. It can also symbolize the importance of inner beauty, emotional maturity, and the need to embrace our unique qualities and talents.

Feathers are often associated with flight, freedom, and spirituality. They can represent the ability to soar above the mundane and the physical world's limitations and connect with higher spiritual realms. They can also symbolize the interconnectedness of all things, as feathers are an integral part of many birds' lives and ecosystems.

The letter S can represent various concepts, including strength, success, and spirituality. It can also describe the cyclical nature of life, as it resembles a serpent or a wave, both powerful symbols of transformation and change.

Hands are symbols of creation, action, and communication. They can represent the power of human agency and creativity and the importance of connection and empathy. They can also symbolize the power of touch and the healing potential of human connection.

When these symbols are combined, they can represent the potential for transformation and spiritual growth, the importance of embracing our unique qualities and talents, and the power of human creativity and connection.

"The war you feel within - that restlessness, the unending uncertainty - is not to be dismissed, avoided, hated. That internal conflict is not dark, it is a beaming light trying to focus you, the rolling thunderous call of courage, the rays of greatness seeking to explode beyond your skin to touch once more the Spirit of Possibility." — Brendon Burchard

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