"Look Again" : Original Artwork by Karien Bredenkamp
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"Look Again"

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About The Artwork: 

This surreal black-and-white illustration features a woman with an enigmatic expression and fascinating features. Her head is surrounded by a halo of light, her hair is growing hands that reach outward, and her mouth has mysteriously disappeared.

A halo symbolizes divinity, enlightenment, and transcendence and is often associated with religious figures such as saints or angels. By placing a halo around the head of a female figure, the image may suggest a sense of sacredness or purity, as well as a connection to the divine.

The absence of a mouth in the image may suggest a sense of silence or mystery, as the figure cannot speak or communicate in a conventional sense. This may be interpreted as a metaphor for the power of silence or inner stillness, the limits of language, and the importance of nonverbal communication.

The hands growing out of the woman's hair may be interpreted as a symbol of creativity, fertility, or spiritual power. In some cultures, hair is seen as a symbol of vitality and energy, and the image of hands emerging from it may suggest a connection to the life force or the power of creation. The hands may also represent the ability to reach out and connect with others and the importance of touch and physical connection.

The symbolism of a halo, a woman with no mouth and hands growing out of her hair, may suggest a sense of spiritual depth and creativity, a connection to the divine, and a reverence for the power of silence and nonverbal communication.

“I will speak of love until you go mad
and join me
in my mad worship
of love.”
― Kamand Kojouri

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