“Mama” : Original Artwork by Karien Bredenkamp
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About The Artwork: 

This is a collaboration I did with my friend @the_fasted_warrior. It is called "Mama". He wrote the lyrics to a rap song, and I drew a sketch based on that. Here is an excerpt:

"Mama wake up please
why ain't you listening
Please conversate with me
I need your company

I know life been rough
You battle tested tough
I know you had enough
I just need your love


Hello mama
wanna hear something cool
I gotta show u something
that happened in da school


Maybe mom is tired
From working all day
I just need your love
That all I'm trying to say

When i see your eyes
Mom u seem so distant
looking like you could cry
in almost any instant


I'm going to find a way
to get your attention
I gotup in a fight
I got in school suspended

I'm trying to numb my pain
and trying to feel something
my insides emptied out
somebody smash my pumpkin

None of these things
can bring the love back
my heart was solid gold
but now it's turned to black

What do you see?

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