"Maremaid" : Original Artwork by Karien Bredenkamp
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About The Artwork:

Introducing "Maremaid," a black and white illustration crafted through the intricate technique of stippling. This artwork portrays a mystical creature that merges a mermaid's tail with a horse's torso. 

The horse has long been regarded as a symbol of power, freedom, and nobility. The horse represents strength, vitality, and a wild spirit in various mythologies and cultures worldwide. It embodies the untamed energy of nature and serves as a bridge between the earthly and the divine realms. In the context of the "Maremaid" illustration, the horse symbolizes nature's untamed and unbridled forces, reminding us of the raw power and majesty that lie within us all.

The mermaid, a legendary aquatic creature, is prominent in folklore and mythology. It embodies duality, combining the alluring beauty of a human upper body with the enchanting mystery of a fishtail. The mermaid represents a harmonious blend of the conscious and unconscious, the physical and spiritual realms. In the "Maremaid" artwork, the mermaid aspect symbolizes the profound emotional and intuitive aspects of our being, urging us to explore our inner depths and embrace the fluidity of our emotions.

The addition of lightbulbs flowing from the Maremaid's mane introduces an intriguing element to the composition. Lightbulbs are often associated with illumination, knowledge, and inspiration. They symbolize the sparks of creativity, the power of ideas, and the transformational energy of enlightenment. The lightbulbs in "Maremaid" represent the illumination that comes from embracing one's true nature and harnessing the inner brilliance that resides within. They invite viewers to seek enlightenment and clarity, encouraging them to embrace their unique gifts and talents.

The "Maremaid" stippling illustration invites viewers to embark on a symbolic journey of self-discovery and transformation. Ultimately, the interpretation of this artwork is open to the individual, allowing each viewer to connect with the Maremaid's symbolism in a way that resonates with their own experiences and aspirations. "Maremaid" is a visually stunning piece and a thought-provoking work of art that encourages introspection and celebrates the beauty of our multifaceted existence.

" I feel the wind in my hair, lift my gaze to the sky, raise my arms and invite the thunder. I remember how great it feels to be exposed and wildly alive."
Adrienne Enns

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