“The Dream That Feeds” : Original Artwork by Karien Bredenkamp
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"The Dream That Feeds"

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About The Artwork: 

Presenting "The Dream That Feeds," an intricate black and white illustration that invites viewers into a world rich with symbolism and intrigue. At the heart of this artwork stand two majestic leopards, their eyes locked in a gaze of connection and understanding, while a delicate knot ties them together. Between them lies a regal crown, adding layers of meaning to this enigmatic composition.

The leopard, a symbol of strength, agility, and intuition, takes center stage in "The Dream That Feeds." Revered for its prowess in navigating the wild and embodying a sense of mystery, the leopard becomes a metaphor for untamed beauty and the untapped potential within each of us.

The knot, meticulously binding the leopards, introduces the element of connection and interdependence. Symbolizing unity, eternal love, or the ties that bind, the knot suggests a profound and enduring bond between the leopards. 

A crown, strategically placed between the leopards, adds a regal touch to the composition. Traditionally associated with authority, power, and majesty, the crown introduces a dynamic layer of symbolism. Its presence prompts contemplation on themes of leadership, shared power dynamics, and the delicate dance between strength and royalty within the context of interconnected relationships.

In combining these symbols, "The Dream That Feeds" becomes a visual allegory of shared power, unity, and the untamed dreams that feed our collective aspirations. The leopards, bound by the symbolic knot and separated by the regal crown, evoke a sense of both connection and tension

"This is the greatest mystery of the human mind--the inductive leap. Everything falls into place, irrelevancies relate, dissonance becomes harmony, and nonsense wears a crown of meaning. But the clarifying leap springs from the rich soil of confusion, and the leaper is not unfamiliar with pain." ― John Steinbeck

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